What Are You Thinking???


Hello there boys and girls. It’s another beautiful day here in the deep south. I have been doing some much-needed reading and research today and came across a request for guidance from a fellow writer. The question was, “How do I figure our what to write for a new client?”.

The first thing that came to mind was to figure out what were she was thinking. You focus all of your efforts to searching for and landing new clients. You should be going after clients that fit your writing expertise. If you haven’t figured out what that area is as of yet, you might want to get started on that.

A good writer will always ask appropriate questions to each client to figure out what content they’re needing done. If you don’t ask those questions to get a direction to proceed with, you are in a very bad position. I never accept a job without knowing what is needed from the client. I don’t need to have every detail figured out for me in advance. I do need to know a general approach though.

I was able to speak with this person and get some resources together to help them figure out a path to take in completing their assignment. Being a professional is about being prepared and taking every opportunity to educate yourself. It is also your responsibility to help your friends and co-workers in tight spots.

While business is business, and friends are friends, every attempt should be made to be a resource people turn to in their times of need. Not only will this help your friend get back on track, it may very well lead to collaborations that you may not otherwise have received.

Always strive to be the best person you can be. Always strive to help anyone you can. Always put your best effort into everything you do regardless of personal gains. And always remember to like, follow, and share my posts with your friends,(see what I did there lol). I hope you have a lovely remainder of your day. Talk to you again soon. I have some work to knock out, and many football games to watch. Love you guys and gals. Toodles for now.


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