Fine Tuning Your Design Idea’s

Congratulations are in order, you finally got off your pile of excuses and put the plan into action. You finally started your own business. Not only that, you took it a step further and created a website to serve as the official presence for your new venture. I’m willing to bet that you’re also a perfectionist when it comes to your new image.

If you aren’t, shame on you. As-is the case for all projections of your business, your official website needs to put your best efforts on display. Think of it as your online business card. I actually love that reference by-the-way, for that is exactly what it is.

After I completed the initial version of this one, I realized the more I reviewed it, the more I was disappointed with the entire design and layout that I decided to launch with. I didn’t just stop with being disappointed, I devised a plan to make changes to improve the situation.

I began with reviewing the theme and editing options that were available to me. After further review, (spoken in my best NFL Referee voice lol), I was able to figure out a much better layout and design to continue forward with. Even with the improvements made, it is far from my vision of what it could eventually be.

Your #1 goal in any aspect of your life, especially business, should be to always be on the lookout for ways to improve your situation. Whether that be a design element of your website, a new version of your business card, even a new suit can add that little something extra to offer a boost of not only your outward appearance, but your self-image as well.

You always need to keep your eye’s on the end-result of your vision. If you determine that there’s an aspect that doesn’t meet your expectations get busy with a plan to change the situation into a positive outcome. Failure to proceed forward will definitely throw your success for a negative loop.


If you find yourself needing assistance in this area, feel free to proceed to my inbox and inform me on what your needs are. We can then proceed to figure out how to get those changed into a positive direction for you and your business.

Thanks for reading. Please remember to exercise your right index finger a little bit. All likes, shares, and links appreciate the love. Talk to y’all again soon.


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