Make Progress!!!! Not Excuses!!!!


Happy Thursday good people. I hope this post finds you having a groovy week thus far. Whatever level of business you find yourself facing, change will always be always be a prevalent force in the equation. There are three phases you will be forced to deal with in the day-to-day operations of any business. The manner in which you address these phases will determine the future path of your business.

Progress: This is the phase you should strive to deal with on a daily basis. As long as your business is progressing toward your envisioned success, you’re likely taking the appropriate actions needed to sustain growth.

While progress is a wonderful thing, it’s not the time to sit at your desk basking in the success. You need to pay attention to any available analytics and figure out how this level of progress was obtained and how you can improve on it. Experiencing success shouldn’t be the final goal of your business. Continuing to build upon that success should be.

Stagnation: This element should worry the living-hell out of you. When your business development is stagnant, your priority is to figure out what is preventing the lack of progress and fix it immediately. Get your senior staff members in the conference room and start asking the tough questions.

If the stagnant trend isn’t transitioned into to progressive state fairly quickly you will find yourself in the next category where no business owner strives to experience.

Decline: Prepare yourself for a gut-check. A great deal of meetings and coffee are in your future. If you find yourself experiencing this phase of business, there are concerns that need immediate attention. This stage is avoidable if the warning signs are recognized and corrected early enough. A successful business doesn’t exist one day and then are mysteriously gone the next. You either start out fast and level off to the stagnation phase or you simply never make it to the level playing field.

Every aspect of your business needs to be closely monitored. When you have something favorable and productive occur, take note of that situation and bust your ass repeat it. If you implement a plan that doesn’t make positive gains, tweak or eliminate it entirely to get back on the path towards progress.

Bottom-Line, quit making excuses and make progress. If you are monitoring every aspect of your business you will be alert to the changes in production or advancement. If you are growing to fast to stay abreast of these details, it’s time to either step up your organizational abilities or hire someone who can help ease the difficulties of tracking these often subtle changes.

If you have any questions or concerns in this area you are cordially invited to request feedback via the comment section below. As always, if you like what you have read, be sure to let me know with a like, follow, or a share. If you aren’t comfortable discussing this topic in the comment thread please direct your cursor over to the “contact” link and address those requests via email. If further help is needed we can address those concerns as well.

Hopefully your week will continue to go smoothly. Toodles for now.


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