New Website Up and Running. Love That New Car Smell.

river at dusk

Hello ladies and germs. The past couple of weeks have stressed the limitations of my remaining hair. I focused today’s efforts solely on upgrading my domain and service plan. Many of my concern’s were alleviated almost immediately after upgrading. After some intense digging for gold in the design templates, I landed on the one that captured my attention.

The layout difference, the ability to edit nearly every feature, and the added resources available to use the platform to make a few bucks here and there with the ability to sell products and add to the black margins in the ol’ checkbook tally.

Don’t worry about that though, it will be quite a while before I roll-out that plan. It’s in the very early stages of development at this point.

There aren’t many feelings that can top that of the elation of well-earned progress from hard work. I will keep this edition fairly short today. I have a family get-together to enjoy this weekend. Next week will begin with another round of project management and getting some jobs knocked out. While I still have a few weeks left on most of them I don’t like waiting around til the last-minute to submit work to my client’s.

Staying focused and finishing early will not only allow for edits and modifications, it will show your client’s that you don’t flirt with being on the wrong side of a deadline. That will be a critical element as you progress your writing business and begin to amass a steady amount of work.

Don’t allow your brain the luxury of knowing that you have “X” amount of time to complete a project. If you have the time, get the assignments done early as possible. Not only will that allow for timely submission and acceptance, it will also open that project up to the project payout timer.

While many clients will do their payable’s at regular intervals, I much prefer the invoicing clock begin upon final acceptance of the project. Many clients will choose the regular interval payment plan to coincide with their payroll and account’s payable, but you can negotiate that upfront. Some clients will agree to your request, and some will handle business as usual. Either way, get your work done as thoroughly and as early as possible.

I will let that be it for today. I have a bit of tidying up to accomplish before the weekend getaway. Hopefully this finds you doing well. Have a great weekend. Toodles for now.


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